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everything is just so weird...weird but good...after the last year, i didn't think i would ever feel this kind of peace and contentment again...not that things are perfect, but they are getting better everyday...i don't miss the bar scene...i don't miss feeling like crap all the time, physically and mentally...i have been seeing some people from my past lately, and its been pretty cool...i have been catching myself at my codependency and stopping it before i can do any damage, to myself or others...i think about where i was a year ago...crying every day, drunk all the time, frustrated and depressed and sick of it all...now i am enjoying my days...enjoying my life...excited about the thought of starting my new job...being able to help people, maybe make a positive difference in someone's life...i'll be 27 on sunday, and for the first time i think i am beginning to understand some of the peace that comes with maturity...i have lived my wild days, and years...now i just want my coffee and kitty, and oh yes, the boy...a book, a blanket, and of course, the boy...kisses and hugs, and my sweet boy...

there is so much i was never able to appreciate before, so much i threw away, but some of the wrongs have been righted, and thats enough to keep my balance today
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