i was once quite lovely, now i'm something else (the_hippy_chick) wrote,
i was once quite lovely, now i'm something else

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thanks for the birthday wishes...it was a good day...raymie came over to the barbecue at my parents house, and roomie sam showed up for a while...my relatives...the boy and his family (whose father, we just discovered, went to college with my uncle...they were friends, and remembered each other)...it was a mellow little partay, ending with me having a b-day dessert drink at the local dive with rayray and the boy...then on to kick it with the boys friends and then sleep sleep sleep...its been another good day, just hangin with the girls and drinkin coffee and talkin smack...there could be things that i wish were different, but i can't waste my energy...i'm too busy feelin happy...and tomorrow i have to get to work...there is lots to be done if i want to reach my goals...its funny how much can change when you are just trying to survive...you may not wind up where you were trying to go, but you end up right where you should be...
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