i was once quite lovely, now i'm something else (the_hippy_chick) wrote,
i was once quite lovely, now i'm something else

a happy lazy sunday...happy for some alone time, quiet, sunshine, kitties...this is all i want out of life...and i have it...go me...

by the end of the month, i'll have enough for a deposit on my OWN PLACE...i am trying so so so hard not to go shopping (i still have clothes with tags on them, clothes that need to be washed, need to go to the dry cleaner, i CANNOT go shopping)...getting my raise was the last little boost i needed...after 13 months - or 28 yrs, however you want to look at it - i am finally shaping a plan to get out of the nest...an actual plan, instead of just moving around randomly, pawning my stereo to pay rent, etc etc...i also decided to clean my room for 30 minutes a day...not just my room, but my car, my closet, really get rid of stuff...

but today is a happy lazy sunday, so i can justify another 24 hours of procrastination, and read with the kitty...this will be my last quiet time for at least another week, monday morning i go back to tomuchworktoolittlesleep mode and piyo & tkb & powersculpt and insanity...yay...
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